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Clearly Sunshine and Hidez

Landers Dressage has joined the Dram Big Hidez Racing Family and is now using Hidez Compression suits and ice compression socks.  Contact us if you'd like information or have questions. 
Here's a little information to get you started:

Hidez animal compression suits are engineered using innovative graduated compression technology.


Recovery: Graduated compression means that a greater amount of pressure is applied at the extremities (the lowest point of the leg) and the pressure reduces along the limbs and body. The technique employed by the design of Hidez animal compression suits assists in forcing vital blood supplies out of the lower limbs, back into circulation and towards the heart. This process may enhance blood flow and oxygen available to an animal's muscles. In addition, the process can speed up the removal of waste products like lactic acids and carbon dioxide, for vital blood supplies. Good healthy blood supplies ensures recovery from injuries faster, helps in the prevention of injuries by maintaining muscle temperature and reduces muscle fatigue by flushing out 'bad blood', which aids in the reduction of delayed onset muscle soreness.

Travel: Just like human graduated compression apparel brands, Hidez animal compression suits use a unique muscle focus design when applying pressure to an animal's hide. The suit wraps the muscle groups focusing on controlling graduated compression, but also aiding in the reduction of muscle vibrations. This is very important when animals are travelling. Muscle's work extremely hard during travelling, they vibrate & can overstretch. Muscle vibration can cause micro fibres to tear in the muscles, as a result membranes leak and the enzyme Creatine Kinase (CK) leaks into the blood in high concentrations causing cramping and ultimately travel sickness.

Fabric: Hidez manufactures its own fabric with superior breathability and moisture management properties in a high stretch elastomeric yarn . This fabric is made using a "warp knit" construction. Warp knitted fabrics are more durable than regular circular knitted fabrics.Our fabric is among the most durable fabrics of this kind anywhere in the world and designed to return its natural / original shape no matter how much physical exertion or force the fabrics have been put under when worn
For the most benefit, use your Hidez gear on your equine performance partner to pre-warm up, during exercise (if you have an active suit), and immediately following exercise or performance. There is no time limit for wearing the compression gear. Studies have shown, the longer the wear, the better the benefits.

What is graduated compression?

It is a type of compression that is applied to the muscles, where there is greater pressure at the extremities and then gradually easing off at the top of one's limb and again at the top of the torso. This process forces fluids that tend to pool back up and out of the limbs and back into circulation.
Is there any proof that gradient compression will help my animal ?

We have done many trials with HIDEZ over the years. People who have used the HIDEZ suits have experienced great results with their animals. From Veterinarians, Racehorse Trainers, Harness Racing Trainers, Endurance riders and Olympic gold medalists all competing in national and international events.
What does the HIDEZ recovery suit do?

HIDEZ recovery suits do a number of things. Mainly it's designed to enhance blood flow back to the heart from the extremities (lower limbs), It will help supply more oxygen to muscles (enhance muscle activity), flush out waste products from blood supplies (e.g. lactic acids) and stop muscles from the effects of vibration (reduces DOMS). All of which will help reduce recovery times.

Are HIDEZ designed to be used during transport (Air, road or other means)?

Yes . We have had horses travel long distances in their HIDEZ suits, by road across Australia and by Air across the globe. Including BLACK CAVIARS 36 hour return flight from Melbourne to Ascot.

How do HIDEZ support muscles in transport?

When travelling the animal's muscles vibrate and shake around uncontrollably, causing microfiber tears in the muscles which allows the enzyme creatine kinase (CK) to leak in and break down muscle cells causing cramping and travel fatigue. The HIDEZ suits are cut and sewn in a specific way, using our distinct seams that act as anchor points to help wrap the muscles holding them firm against the body stopping muscle vibration.

Won't my animal get hot travelling in their HIDEZ suit?

NO, Provided there is sufficient ventitalion .HIDEZ suits help maintain muscle temperatures, if it is hot the HIDEZ suit will keep the animal cool and if it is cold the HIDEZ suit will help keep the animal warm.

Thermodynamics come into play here. The reason blankets are insulative is because they trap air in between the exterior of the blanket and the skin. With compression gear there is no air to trap, so the heat and sweat wicks through the garment and evaporative cooling reaches through to cool the horse. Professional athletes such as football players, powerlifters, cyclists, runners, etc use compression gear in all kinds of weather. If you have ever been an athlete and worn compression shorts, shirts, or tights you have probably felt the compression wear draw the heat away from the body, making it comfortable in all temperatures.

How do HIDEZ help muscles?

Animals muscle feel more fatigued & less powerful when they vibrate. HIDEZ suits are constructed in a way that holds them very tight against the animal's body in the right places, to help reduce vibration and improve muscle focus & proprioception (awareness).

Can HIDEZ help to prevent an injury?

Yes.When HIDES are worn during transport, the compressive effect prevents muscles from vibration & overextending (which can cause injury) . Also HIDEZ can be worn before exercise warming up muscle and reduce the risk of muscle stress.

Can Hidez help with medical conditions?

The increased oxygenation and circulation provided by HIDEZ is an excellent way of relieving a range of medical complaints including travel fatigue, muscle fatigue, lymphedema, and Ty-up. It also helps to improve circulation during pregnancy, or after an operation.
Are Hidez restrictive when worn?

No. HIDEZ suits are firm fitting, but they don't restrict movement in limbs or muscles

Will HIDEZ keep my animal dry?

Yes. Our moisture Management fabrics moves moisture away from your skin to the outside of the HIDEZ garment where it evaporates - so your animals hide remains dry.
When should HIDEZ be worn?

· During transport
· Before exercise or competition
· As a recovery aid after exercise or competition
· When recovering from injury or surgery
Can HIDEZ be worn for long periods of time?

Yes. HIDEZ are designed to help with the effect of travel sickness, muscle fatigue, and ty-up,plus speed up the recovery time of injuries. The HIDEZ suit can be left on for extended periods of time, provided the animal is in a standing position and secured, or being lead. the Hidez suits are not designed for use when the animal is laying down because of potential harm to the fabric.

How to wash HIDEZ?

There's no need to hand wash your HIDEZ. You can put them in the machine, but wash them on a cold, delicates setting. It's best to use a gentle detergent too. As with all elastomeric garments, the gentler the washing process, the more life you'll get out of your HIDEZ.

How to dry HIDEZ?

Do not tumble dry your HIDEZ. Let them dry naturally

How long will they last?

Obviously this depends on how you take care of your HIDEZ suit, how often you use them and how often you wash them.

By William Imbo, Oct 2014

What the research shows:

Since compression gear became a common feature in athletics, there have been several studies seeking to examine whether it can actually help to improve performance. However, they are mostly inconclusive. Now, a lot of these reports did show that compression garments showed an improvement in blood flow (especially in well-trained runners), though there was no significant improvement to running endurance. In fact, in 2011 a German literature review published in Sportverletz Sportschaden analyzed 37 different compression garment studies, concluding that, overall, the studies "showed no general scientific indications regarding the benefit of compression garments in competitive sports." This appears to be pretty damning evidence, does it not?

However, there are some studies that lend support to the notion that wearing compression gear can help you recover post-exercise. Many reports showed that athletes simply felt less sore after exercise when wearing compression attire, and they believed they recovered better too. Of course, this might just be a placebo effect—athletes believing that they felt less sore simply because they were wearing some fancy sports gear. Fortunately, researchers in New Zealand found a way to control the placebo effect. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Researchrevealed their test. Fourteen "trained multisport male athletes" performed an initial 40km time trial on bikes, then rested for a full 24 hours before performing the time trials a second time. During this rest period, some of the athletes were given a full-length compressive garment to wear, or a similar looking piece of non-compressive placebo gear. The intent was to make all of the test subjects believe that they were wearing compression clothing. A week later, the two test trials were performed again, only this time the athletes who had worn the placebo gear the week before were now given compression tights, and vice versa. The results of the study showed that on the second-day rides, the athletes went 1.2 percent faster when they wore compression gear during recovery as opposed to the placebo clothing. Though the researchers weren't entirely sure what the underlying biological mechanism was that allowed for the increase in speed, the study would appear to prove that wearing compression gear post-exercise does indeed help you recover quicker, thus allowing you to perform better on a day-to-day basis.

WHY HIDEZ over other Icing Techniques?

Ice Socks now make icing your horses legs easier and more convenient than ever.

Simple to put on by a large heavy duty zipper, just fill the pockets with ice and enjoy knowing your getting the benefit of icing the leg with the added benefit of Hidez compression!
20 minutes later you unzip the sock, toss the ice, zip the sock back on the leg for continued compression therapy! Get busy or distracted? The ice melts, water will seep through. Its that simple.

-Same amazing benefit of compression wear
-Use cubed or chunked ice from home, gas station, convenince store, concession stand, or hotel ice machine while on the road
-Easy to put on and take off
-No wires, cords, batteries attached
-No need to worry about frozen packs while on the road or away from home
-No machines
-No need for a power outlet
-Ice from the knee or hock down past the fetlock
-No worry of these slipping down due to heavy duty, wide, adjustable Velcro above the knee/hock
-No heavy bags to tote around
-Nothing for a horse to get tangled in
-Machine washable
-Line dry
-Easy to store

PLUS - the added benefit of compression and massage effect on the horse's legs stimulate faster drainage of lymphatic fluid and removal of unwanted toxins, contributing to maintaining healthy horse legs and a faster recovery of leg injuries through healthy rehabilitation.

Why Drainage of the Lymphatic Sytstem is Important:

Because of their size and anatomy, horses have a very complex lymphatic system extending through their entire body parallel to the blood circulation system. The lymphatic system supports their body's immune system. A horse has about 8,000 lymph nodes distributed throughout their entire body; humans have only about 400 to 600. Lymph nodes clean and detoxify lymphatic fluid given off from blood vessels in the horse's body.

Overall, a horse's lymph flow is relatively slow and kept up especially through movements. If a horse has to stand still for a prolonged period of time, stasis may occur in the lymphatic system, and legs may swell. To support the lymphatic system in such cases, the Hidez compression suit or compression socks may be used in addition to movement of lymph drainage.
Attention: Only use compression wear if the horse has no fever!

For the horse's health and well-being, it is important that the lymphatic system works well.

More articles on how the Lymphatic system affects the horse:


Why Hidez Compression Socks or Suit over Elastic Bandages or Standing Wraps?

Many horses restricted to being stabled will suffer from stable fill, or swollen legs. When they start to walk again, the lymphatic retraction process normalises and lymph starts to move out of the limb. As swollen legs in horses are generally not considered an illness, many owners will try to reduce swelling by using stable bandages over some form of padding. However, what really happens is that the swelling is pushed through the superficial lymphatic vessels to higher up the leg, and gives the illusion of having dispersed. In 2006 a large veterinary study was undertaken to examine the effect of different types of bandaging on the lymphatic vessels of the lower leg. This involved injecting a continuous stream of dye into the lymphatic vessels of horses under sedation and x-raying the effects.

Horses bandaged with the elasticated bandages were found to have significantly impeded lymph flow, compared to those bandaged with specially designed compression bandages. This is due to there being no muscles below the knee and hock to provide protection to these vessels and they end up being squeezed to such a point that they can no longer function properly. Horses' tendons have been shown to contain a high density of lymphatic vessels as compared to blood vessels, so it is vital that these are not constricted. This highlights the need for further increased awareness of the clinical effects of bandaging on lymphatic performance. The authors of the study recommended that in the future, the materials and construction of both veterinary and equine sports bandages be reconsidered, due to the detrimental effect that elasticated bandages have on the deep lymphatic vessels.

- see full article comparing compression wear to elastic bandages


Sara had a very successful show season.  This was her first full Dressage show season since committing to the discipline of dressage.  She showed her stallion Rough Diamond, bred by her trainer Michael Beining and a mare named Clearly Sunshine whom she also got from Michael and imported from Germany in the spring of 2014. 

She showed both these horses 3 weekends each which was 6 shows each.  In doing so, she qualified Rough Diamond in Second Level and Third Level for the Region 4 Championships and Clearly Sunshine in Training Level and First Level.
She won all of her classes but 1 on both horses all Summer!

Sara competed at the Regionals in St. Louis at Training and First Level on Sunshine and Second Level on Rough Diamond.  She went with no expectations but to remember the test and make Michael happy.  She succeeded in both while winning the First Level Championship on Clearly Sunshine and Second Level Championship on Rough Diamond. 

The show season ended with the ability to show at the US Dressage Finals at the Kentucky Horse Park. 
She showed Sunshine in First Level and Training Level ending 6th at First Level and 8th at Second Level on Rough Diamond. 

2015 Landers Farm Recap

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

The horses at landers farms wouldnt be nearly successful if it wasn't for Armondo!!! He especially keeps Rough happy grazing him, hand walking him and putting him on the Thera Plate!!!!

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Sara's team includes Maren Hanson and Carissa Perry! Couldn't show without their help and expertise!!!

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Sara with Rough Diamond and her Mom and Dad at the SLADS show in St. Louis.


2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressag

Sara and Rough at SLADS

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Rough Diamond after winning Second Level Championship for Region 4

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Michael and Sara at the end of a long and rewarding Regional Champion weekend!!!!


2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Clearly Sunshine won First Level Regional 4 Championship.

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Clearly Sunshine's victory gallop at Regional finals.

2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Sunshine getting 6th at First Level at US Dressage Finals


Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond won 8th at Second Level at US Dressage Finals in Kentucky.


2015 accomplishments at Landers Dressage

Michael Beining with Sara on Rough Diamond after Sara completed her first class showing Rough Diamond at Second Level in the KCDS May show at Longview horse park.




May 2015:

Linda Landers and Sara McConnell want to thank Michael Beining for coaching Sara
in her first dressage show with her stallion, Rough Diamond, bred by Michael Beining.
Sara won both Second Level Test 3 Amateur Adult Classes, making her the Dover Medal winner for the two days.

Special thanks also goes to Michael Beining for coaching Sara on Clearly Sunshine, imported from
Germany in March of 2014.
This show, KCDS Horse Show, at Longview 1 and 2, was held at the Long View Horse Park,
and was Sunshine's very first show. She won both Adult Amateur
Tranining Test 3 classes at each show and was Adult Amateur High Point with a 74%.

April 20-22nd

Rudolf Zeilinger offerED a clinic at Landers Dressage on April 20,21, 22, 2015, following his coaching at the World Cup.

Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage

ranch Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage  
Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage Rudolf Clinic at Landers Dressage  


More about Rudolf: Rudolf has been the coach for the Denmark team for many years. Rudolf started his training with Olympic dressage coach Willi Schultheis and was assistant to him for 10 years. His first trip to the U S was to Linda Lander's Hunter's Vale stable in 1990. Because of this friendship, we are proud to have Rudolf again to ride our horses and coach our riders. Rudolf has had a horse that he has either trained or coached in the last 7 Olympics. Rudolf coached Denmark to the bronze medal in 2008 and trained Andreas Helgstrand on Blue Hors Matine and Don Schufro. Matine is the famous white mare on YouTube dancing to in her stunning freestyle performance at the Aachen, Germany, WEG. He also coached Lars Perterson and Lone Joergensen on FBW Kennedy, later purchased by Robert Dover and ridden by him on the US Olympic team.




Victoria Max Theurer: Lilliano OLD neu auf Schloss Achleiten

Lilliano Old neu auf Schloss Achleiten

Victoria Max Theurer: Lilliano OLD neu auf Schloss Achle...
17.02.2015 | Alter: 5 Lilliano OLD neu auf Schloss Achleiten Es ist uns gelungen ein ganz besonderes Pferd für unseren Turnierstall zu finden.
Auf www.max-theure... anzeigen
Vorschau nach Yahoo

Out of my former mare SPECTACULAR by SIR DONNERHALL - I had bred her out of my mare:CARABINE -who was a fullsister to the Grand Prix Sire:REGARDEZ MOI v.RUBINSTEIN - he is a 3/4 brother to:


All the best for this breeding season!






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